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  • Professional Surrogacy Agency, World Center of Baby

    World Center of Baby surrogacy Ukraine is the helper for families. It is a real and trusted partner both for surrogate mothers and every couple that wishes to have a child. They know how important this journey is. That’s why the team of lawyers, managers, and other professionals will guide you through every step until the new life is given. The World Center of Baby is one of the most responsible and leading in Ukraine.

    Professional Surrogacy Agency, World Center of Baby: a Chance to Create a New Life

    Professional Surrogacy Agency, World Center of Baby: a Chance to Create a New Life

    Help With Heart and Soul: Best Surrogacy Ukraine and Its Main Advantages

    The best agency for surrogacy is the clinic that guarantees safe programs, ensures legal support, and has a big experience in providing services for everyone. Why do you have to use their services and be sure it will go smoothly? Here are the pros.

    • No hidden fees. You can calculate the price for every package of services and every payment. The final price is what you have to pay in the end.
    • Qualified lawyers who will guarantee the absence of legal problems.
    • Free consultations for every question of yours won’t be left unanswered.
    • Possibility to find the best possible surrogate mom for your future child.

    If you are willing to have their help, go on the website of the World Center of Baby surrogacy Ukraine, fill in the application form, get a consultation for free, and begin the journey. 150 partners, 73 children born, 72% chance that the first transfer will be successful.

    Is the Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine Usually High? How Much Do the Services Cost in This Agency?

    The final price is fully paid with the time of the payments if you wish so. Here, the final cost can be divided into 4 parts. These “steps” are the deadlines: after you sign a contract, after the 12th week of pregnancy, after the 24th week of pregnancy, after the baby is born. Also, the payments for legal procedures such as exit process, etc. are included. The only thing the clinic is not responsible for is some other legal fees in your country.

    Don’t Worry About Legal Issues, With the Best Surrogacy Agency in Ukraine Everything Will Meet the Standards

    World Center of Baby surrogacy Ukraine guarantees the perfect match with the surrogate mother. Under Ukrainian law, you will not face problems with rights for the baby, since you will sign a contract with her yourself. Their legal representatives will lead you through every stage of the court proceedings if needed as well as through the whole journey until the birth of a child. The lawyers are experienced and they are the best.

    Gestational Surrogacy Ukraine Is for Everyone and Stands for Equal Rights

    You may have researched every forum trying to find out whether gestational surrogacy is allowed in Ukraine. World Center of Baby allows gay couples to participate in programs as well. Equal rights have to be protected, and everyone has the right to create a new life here. This clinic supports LGBTQ+ couples and ensures legal help for them too.