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How To Create Workout Gear From Recycled Materials

Hello friends how are you all? Today we are going to talk about How To Create Workout Gear From Recycled Materials. When it comes to staying healthy, you don’t really need to spend a fortune on workout equipment. In fact, you could even build your own workout gear from recycled materials.

This is a great way to stay fit, save money and help the environment as well. Before you start on the project though, you should know what you’re doing. Here are tips on how to create workout gear from recycled materials.

How To Create Workout Gear From Recycled Materials

How To Create Workout Gear From Recycled Materials

1.  Create Weights Out Of Scrap Metal

If you look at scrap yards, you’ll notice that there are thousands of tonnes of metal just rusting away into nothing. This is such a waste of building material. The scrap metal from Iron chains and car chassis are particularly useful because they are made of high-quality metals.

When you choose the materials for your weights, it is best if you choose bike chains and old car parts such as hub caps. Iron bars are also a great source of materials because they are made of purer steel, and don’t really need to be melted into ingots, unlike other scrap metal. First things first, you will need to melt down the scrap metal, and then separate the pure steel from other impurities. Afterward, you could use a specially made mold to create dumbell weights and their respective bars.

Companies such as RYD specialize in appliance injection molding, which means they can create molds for any type of product. All they need are the approximate measurements, and they will make a precise mold for you. All this effort might seem a lot for recycled workout equipment, however, it will all be worth it in the end. You will not only have a great set of weights for your fitness journey, but you could also mass produce recycled weights as much as you want. It is a win-win situation for you.

2.  Use Old Rubber Garters As Resistance Bands

If you look into your closet, you will notice that there are a lot of old clothes with garters that you don’t use anymore. Instead of having them languish in your closet, why not convert them into resistance bands. They are very easy to make. All you need to do is link the garters together, to make a strong and springy resistance band.

3.  Create Barbells Out Of Tin Cans And Cement

If you look at old movies with jail scenes, you’ll notice the inmates often use an improvised set of weights in the gym. They are made from old iron bars, tin cans, and some cement.  They may not look all too aesthetically pleasing however, they are easy to make and very effective in weight training.

When you make the weights, it is important that you measure the bar first. Make sure that both sides are evenly spaced. It is also important that the cans are of the same size, and the cement mixtures are the same amount.

4.  Make Kettlebells Out Of Scrap Metal

Aside from the usual barbells and dumbells, kettlebells are another type of exercise equipment you could make out of scrap metal. The production process is still the same. You just need to melt down scrap metal and then use a specially made mold to form and cast the kettlebell.

5.  Sew Up Old Denim Pants Into Boxing Gloves, Heavy Bags, And Mitts

A lot of people have discarded old clothes just lying around. They might be ripped up or just out of fashion. Whatever the reason may be though, you should really think about making some workout gear out of them. The best option would be to cut up old denim pants and converting them into boxing gloves and mitts.

Denim is a lot more durable than usual clothing, and it could be stuffed with padding to be made into a bagging glove. This is a type of boxing glove that is predominantly used for heavy bag exercises. Aside from boxing gloves, you could also convert your old denim clothes into heavy bags and mitts.

6.  Use Abandoned Ropes As Battle Ropes

If you go through old garbage dumps, you’d be surprised at the large number of old ropes lying around. They are usually old abandoned ropes that were used by shipping and trucking companies to move their products. They might have been frayed or too damaged for the usual shipping and trucking operations. However, they are definitely not too damaged to be used as battle ropes.

battle ropes are specialized exercise ropes that are used for cardio and toning exercises. The exercise entails you to hold two ropes at a time and manipulate the ropes in various ways. The ropes are particularly heavy, so while the exercises might seem deceptively easy, you’ll be surprised that your arms are already fatigued at the end of the exercise.

When you convert the old ropes into battle ropes, you should make sure to clean them first. Boil the ropes to clean them of any bacteria that might have seeped into the fibers. afterward, you should fix any loose fibers and put weights at the end of the rope. This will create resistance as you move the ropes at various angles.

7.  Utilize Rusty Old Playground Sets As Pull Up Bars

Around your neighborhood, there might be old playground sets that are no longer used. The playground might have been closed down or the monkey bars might have been too rusty for the kids to play in. Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t let all that great metal go to waste. They might be rusty for now, however, they are still sturdy and malleable enough to convert into pull-up bars and other exercise equipment.


When it comes to creating workout equipment from recycled materials, you should be both imaginative, and resourceful. You should also have a set plan. With these tips, you’ll be able to build good quality workout equipment from recycled materials.

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